The Black Prince sculpture commissioned by industrialist Colonel Thomas Walter Harding and unveiled in Leeds City Square in 1903.

It would appear Edward the Black Prince has very little to do with Leeds and more to do with an idea of having an equestrian sculpture. The son of Edward III and possibly named the Black Prince because of his black armour worn in battles against the French in 14th Century. The panels at the base of the sculpture represent this. He is a fascinating and romantic character worth further reading.

There an interesting article in the Yorkshire Post:


Sculptor Thomas Brock (1847-1922)

Leeds is very fortunate to have this statue sculpted by such a man.  He was also the sculpture of the Victoria Moment outside Buckingham Place, the end of the Mall, London and the Seated Statue of Albert on The Abert Memorial. Both are magnificent. The Black Prince was 7 years in the making and had to be cast in Belgium due to the size.

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