Emley Moor Mast

Arqiva at sunset a fascinating tower and I believe it’s key to my interest in sculptural architecture. Having grown up West Yorkshire I’ve been looking at this structure all my life. Emley Moor mast dominates the surrounding landscape from the viewing room at the top of the tower you can see as far as the Humber bridge in Hull an estimated 60 miles away. Over the years I’ve taken hundreds of photographs of the mast from different locations. I like to paint and draw it, so not obsessed at all. Such a unique structure and thankfully has been grade II listed.

Visiting the Mast

Arqiva does occasionally allow visitors up to the top viewing room I’m not great with heights but I would certainly give it a go. Once I did bid at a charity auction once but it was out of my budget. The video below was filmed out of my attic window. Most of my sunset photographs are taken from my eldest sons bedroom window. Every day I see Emley mast and I still stop a look at the structure amazed.

Further information

Link to the Wikipedia page which goes into more detail. Local newspaper the Huddersfield Examiner also has a couple of interesting articles. This one shows historic photographs of the original mast an the building of the current one and an interesting article by Lauren Ballinger about going up the tower

24th tallest Tower in the world

Built-in 1960 to replace a previous Mast that collapsed in bad weather. The Mast is the tallest free-standing Structure (330m) in the United Kingdom and third largest in Europe.

Arqiva Tower

The official name for the mast is Arqiva named after the company that currently owns the site. Though locally it is known as Emley Moor Mast or just Emley Mast.

The future of the Emley Moor Mast

Emley mast requires urgent repairs so they going to build a temporary mast alongside it. For 4 years no more pretty photos. Here’s a link to an article explaining what’s going on.

Clayton West Sunset

The featured photo was taken from the village of Clayton West at sunset.

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