Abtech House now called kenneth hodgson house. Park Row, Leeds


The art around us is a collection of photographs, video and information relating to sculpture. It’s a project I’ve been working for many years. I’m Marcus Macaulay a self taught designer and photographer from Leeds. The reaction I get the most when people look at my photos of the architectural sculpture is “I didn’t know that they were there” so I’ve made it a bit of mission to show these amazing works of art.

A new website

This is a new site and I will be adding to it regularly. Please sign up for updates and I’ll send you an update every now and again. Your details will not be shared with anyone else.

Artistic sculpture

My interest in artistic sculpture came first and I’ve spent a lot of time photographing them. One of my all-time favourites was the KAWS exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in 2016.

I’m not academic, far from it, and writing does not come easy. I hope you enjoy the website and by purchasing a print or one of my books will enable to spend more time creating content and visiting many more towns, cities and parks.

Thank you